In Death, We Are Legend

by Horde of Draugar

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Rhokeheart Some of the best blackened viking metal around! Their sound and songwriting has really progressed for this album. If you like metal check this out! Favorite track: Restless Death.
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released June 11, 2016

Horde of Draugar
'In Death, We Are Legend' (2016)

Album Credits:

Band Members:
Matt Warner - guitars
Andy Arias - guitars
Joe Dulemba - vocals
Josh Stamey - drums

All songs written, performed, and produced by Horde of Draugar.
(Studio bass guitar recorded by Andy Arias and Matt Warner)

Tracking, mixing, and produced by Taylor Hahn at Hahn Audio in Denver, Colorado.

Mastering by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New Windsor, New York.

Cover artwork, "Odin", ink and human blood, by Maxime Taccardi in Paris, France.

Layout and Design by Horde of Draugar

All rights reserved.
(c) Copyright + (p) Published 2016 Horde of Draugar



all rights reserved


Horde of Draugar Cheyenne, Wyoming

After playing their first show in January 2012, Horde of Draugar quickly began recording their first studio album, 'Birth of a Draugr' which was self-released on CD and digital format in October 2012.
HoD have since finished writing and recording their second studio album, 'In Death, We Are Legend' which will be self-released on CD and digital format on April 22, 2016.
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Track Name: Cathartic Vindication
I am your redemption, I am what makes you breathe
You know my name as Vengeance, call me in your time of need
I’ve lived for all creation, I watched the rise of man
Witnessed their greed consume them, as they defile the land
I’ve been called upon by mortals, and gods as well
To me, all are equal, when caught under my spell
I care not for the living, I feast upon the slain
I’ll take away your weakness, teach you the art of pain
When all have gone and left you, I shall remain
I am your salvation, I am what makes you whole
You know my name as Vengeance, I burn within your soul
I am the rage inside you, I’ll keep you free from death
We’ll crush your foes beneath you, until there’s nothing left
I was there when Odin fell, and Vidar saw
I was the hate inside when he tore Fenris’ jaw
I’ve helped men crumble kingdoms, and nations rise
Rose on the backs of warbirds as bombs fell from the sky
I fuel rebellions and shift the tides
My hands are always clean by never choosing sides
When all has turned to ash, I’ll shall survive
I am your vindication, I am your woven fate
You know my name as Vengeance, I fly on wings of hate
I am what lives in darkness, the sound out in the black
I am what drives you forward, when there’s no going back
I hear your call, give me everything or nothing at all
And as you fight, I am the fire behind your eyes
Proceed once more, I’ll give you power to settle the score
You’ll be set free, though everyone returns to me eventually
Go take your throne, you’ll be without me forever alone
No peace, never, for I am forever.
Track Name: Restless Death
Was it some cosmic force that drove the dead out of their graves?
Or was it our mistake that brought the corpses out in waves?
You cannot run when there’s nowhere left for you to hide.
Will you have strength when all that’s left for you is fight or die?
[CHORUS] When death won’t stay asleep, no one shall rest in peace.
Now into fire, into the flame, into a world we create
Into the fight, into the fray, into the frenzy to slay
Run to the woods, over the plains, into a landscape untamed
Where we can hold, where we can fight, where we can live through the night
Now up with the dawn, we face extinction of the human race
Some take up arms, wasting ammo that we can’t replace
I take up my axe and charge into the putrid, seething force
Brave as I am, no matter, Nature always takes its course
With everything taken from me, now I am finally free
Everything that I believed, and even death can’t release me?
Time passes, humanity all fades away
Dark madness, now taking my sanity’s place
No gladness, surrounded in stench of decay
In blackness, all love now has faded away
In history, my story will never take place
No children to mourn and remember my face
No woman to share with me one last embrace
Just sadness, and into oblivion gaze
Give into hate, give into rage, joined by Nature, uncaged
To chaos run, let it be done, I know I cannot be saved
So let them come, let my blood run, let my own life-debt be paid
Dying with axe, into the black, into eternity, fade.
Track Name: Hypothermic Slumber (Ode to Valfar)
My skin turns red as it is bitten by the frost
I must find shelter at any cost
I’ve pushed myself for miles by stubborn will
And as my body breaks down, I push on still
I wasn’t warned of this wicked storm
The night was clearer than most
It came in fast with unbridled wrath
As it blew in from the coast
The howling wind tears at my skin
The snow, it blinds my eyes
My pace slows as my pain grows
Inside my skin, it writhes
Step by step through the evergreens
Breath by breath as my innards freeze
I cannot give in, a fire burns within
In my dreams I could not foresee
This ill-fate bestowed upon me
As I embrace the end, I know my Valkyrie descends
I’ve grown too cold, I’ve grown too old, and my time here is gone
The hour late, I accept Fate, I’ve known this all along
I see the trees divide as she comes down to my side
And as I peer into her eyes, I feel my soul begin to rise.
Track Name: Eater of the Gods
Sun and the moon, swallowed from space
Stars full of fear, retract from their place
Sword and the axe, will have their age
The armies of Hel, soon shall be raised
Gleipnir has loosed, I am released
On flesh of the gods, once more I feast
The final war, Ragnarok calls
Before Surtr’s flames, I’ll devour them all
By Jormungand, the ocean is tossed
Naglfar raised on venomous froth
Nidhogg brings forth the army of dead
Mortals shall fall in rivers of red
This is the end. None shall defend.
On Vigrid Field we meet at last
Beneath my evil shadow cast
On Sleipnir charge, Gungnir in hand
Odin’s terror I command
This is the end. None shall defend.
In jaws his steed is torn in twain
The one-eyed god screams out in pain
Swallowed whole in jagged grin
All Father never rise again.
Track Name: The Scapegoat
Brought up on the backs of lies
To shepherd true believers
False words to be my guide
Found to be the Deceiver
By faith, they kept me blind
And now the veil is lifted
Prophesied to save all lives
My whole life had been scripted
Now I strive only to stay alive
The blood, it pours, I’m torn, I’ll not survive
Corpses and flies hang by my side
I raise my eyes to see an empty sky
Why have I come? What choices led me here?
Can’t be undone, it is too late I fear
I’ve been betrayed, but that is Mankind’s way
You’ll all be slaves, kept in fear by my name
No god came down with golden crown
The Earth did quaketh naught
Just one last feast with my blind sheep
A lesson to be taught
Corrupt are the hearts of men
Do not believe the preacher
Look deep within yourself
You cannot trust the teacher
No rapture is to come, through the death of the Son
All religion is the same, my work has been in vain
Your souls shall not be saved, you’ll all rot in your graves
Awaiting my return, you’ll watch your planet burn
Just weep and cry and watch me die.
Track Name: Staving Off a Hay Death
I’ve walked Midgard for decades, and never met my end
I’ve watched my brothers fall, and watched them all ascend
What more could Odin ask for? What more have I to give?
Is this some evil curse, that I’ll forever live?
My beard has all gone silver, my body aches for war
But there is nothing in this realm, that is worth fighting for
My friends are only memories, of family, I’m bereft
Horn of mead and firelight, are all that I have left
The Christian fire spread itself like an ember gone astray
Their flames spread without notice, till they were well upon their way
Now their ashes cover everything, and turn our pagan world black
As I stare into the firelight, I feel the old urge to attack
I grab my leather armor, it sleeps beneath the dust
My sword unused needs sharpening, to remove the years of rust
With fuel and torches burning, the church will fall in flames
And all who dare to stop me, shall fall the same
Our weapons meet upon the steps, I see their numbers grow
I kill without regard, and watch them pile up below
Age has come to haunt me, I cannot keep this rate
I shall forsake the Norns, and choose my own fate
I kneel to no man, I’ll not be kept in chains
The men carrying shackles, have come in vain.
Track Name: The Draugr's Bane
I leave the evergreens to this place of death
The stench is overwhelming as it takes my breath
They say the Again-Walker desecrates our land
This undead creature that feasts on flesh of man
It stands upon its grave mound, beneath the blackened sky
The first wave falls before him, from gaze of eye
My body quivers, as it all becomes quite clear
The draugr’s bane is but a man who lives without fear
Cast shield upon the ground, let armor fall
Move fast in for the kill, end it all
Past mangled bodies strewn, with no delay
Close distance in between, I see my prey
Turning gaze upon me, with hollow eyes
It knows the time has come, today it dies
Face me, come try, fight me, and die
Come now, wither away, run now, slither away
Weak flesh, foul taste, meek flesh, what waste
Take now, last breath, meet now, sweet death
I let him have his words, they are in vain
I will collect his head, and his pain
Move fast like blowing wind, I swing my sword
It smashes through his teeth, removing skull from cord
Its body hits the ground, I hold my weapon high
All now know a mortal man, killed what cannot die
I keep no trophies, and set the field ablaze
Those that live return home, to await the end of days.
Track Name: When the Dragons Sleep
Skin cold in the open air
Ocean sprays on my chest, bare
At the bow I see her standing there
War braids woven in her hair
Breast heaving under leather plates
I know we’ll both achieve our fate
The water boils in the dragon’s wake
War horns blow, the cliff side quakes
A thousand men wait upon the shore
Anger gripping to my core
Take up arms, release the oars
Above our heads two ravens soar
We live to die and nothing more
That’s what we’re fighting for
Raised in blood and brutal war
There’s no one keeping score
Our memories fade in tales of lore
A constant earthly chore
We live to die and nothing more
That’s what we’re fighting for
Forming our shield walls, I see she’s not there
What has become of my maiden fair?
Volleys of arrows scatter our ranks
Horsemen assemble to cut off our flank
In chaos I see her falling behind
She’s out of reach and I’m out of time
Calvary charging to take her life
No thread escapes the ancient Norns’ knife
Trampled by horses, I watch her fall
I go berserk as I curse them all
Throwing my shield, now a spear in each hand
I race to her side in the blood-soaked sand
With hatred the first spear from hand is released
Finding its mark in the chest of a beast
Rider is thrown through the air like a stone
My wrath is unmatched though I stand here alone
Smoke rises in towers that leap from the shore
Our dragons now sleep on the ocean floor
I turn to face my enemy’s blades
They sink between ribs and my vision fades.
Track Name: Enmity In Perpetuum
A king returns from foreign lands
To find he’s been the victim of plotting hands
His daughter’s been abducted through treachery
He will not be deceived, he’ll search across the seas
The king’s pursuit spans far and wide
Nearby villages and mountain sides
When all seems lost, his men bring word
An unknown island found where his daughter has been bound
Army amassed, preparing for war
Loading the ships, bloodshed inevitable
Sails are raised as they row from the shore
Wind at their backs, this king’s blessed by Gods
Punching through the waves, give chase, their homelands left behind
The ocean turns to glass, swift flight, horizons rushing by
Land is now in sight, horns blow, bloodlust is in their eyes
For progeny they fight, king’s call, attack is justified
Ships’ bows meet the sand, invade contentious land
Revenge, punish theft, march on without assent
A sight halts the charge, silhouette from afar
King’s kin greets his men, confess, she gave her hand
She pleas to acquiesce, make peace by her demand
Too late, his sword unsheathed, relentless curse requires death
No fear, their battle cry, for Odin they’ll fight and die
A marriage of steel and flesh, blood permeates the firmament
Steel blades clash and shield walls smash
Brave men drop, as arrows fall
Hammers crush with each spear thrust
Warriors meet oblivion
*Day fades, combat yields, bodies strewn about the field
Frenzied carnage, an equal match, many wounded, most are dead
Witnessing the harsh events, she, the cause of grave dissent
Lies in wait for night to fall, a curse she’ll weave through magic song
Among the slain, under the moon, casting spells, invoking runes
Fallen men, enchantments raise, new life keeps the Valkyrie at bay
Endlessly, the soldiers fight, meet demise to be revived
Eternal war, till Ragnarok, they’ll never taste the mead in Odin’s halls
[*] Repeat
Odin! Save us from this fate! I pray! Valkyries take my soul away!